International - PerkUp® Energy Boosting Cube


With a strong and professional sales and marketing team in China, Allegiant Health has successfully established its presence in the Greater China Region. PerkUp®, as an effective and hassle-free energy booster tablet newly introduced to China, has already built up a solid customer base with a notably high repeat purchase rate.

perkup International

During the past two years, PerkUp® has forged long-term partnerships with the four most influential online platforms in China, i.e. Kaola, JD, Red, and Tmall. The upbeat online sales of PerkUp®, positive feedback from buyers and the uplifting brand image have served as a strong support for PerkUp® to continuously improve its sales strategies, gain exclusive resources and exposure and enlarge its sales network. The in-depth collaboration between PerkUp® and various marketers and distributors is expected to keep boosting brand awareness among buyers and generating sales for years to come.

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China Dietary Supplements Professional Committee has recommended PerkUp® as an effective energy booster for three consecutive years on Asia Natural and Nutritional Health Products Exhibition in Shanghai. People who tried PerkUp® were fascinated by its amazing ability to boost energy. John Zhong, Vice President of Research and Development at Allegiant Health, also gave an inspiring presentation about the trend and development of nutrition supplements in the US, and explained the technology and innovation that have been employed to improve the flavor profile of PerkUp®, thus elevating this product to be the consumer’s choice in the energy product market. Audiences were excited about the innovation and benefits that PerkUp® provides.

PerkUp®’s international business momentum will not stop in China, one of the largest markets in the world. It will continue to penetrate into other markets in Asia as well as other continents. Collaboration with local distributors in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hungary etc. has begun and more international partners are expected to join force with us to promote this mega product around the world. Our goal is to deliver an easy and practical solution to help people boost their energy naturally so they can more effectively deal with their ever challenging daily life.