About - PerkUp® Energy Boosting Cube


It’s An Energy Booster Cube

Because it’s an energy booster cube with caffeine and B vitamins, PerkUp® dissolves in your mouth faster than you can say “Wow, that was delicious!” Per serving, it’s just the right amount of caffeine, equivalent to a small cup of coffee. Portable and compact, you can take it anywhere – even through airport security. Try that with your “fancy” coffee drink.


What’s In PerkUp®?

Good Caffeine

Keeps you alert and focused. There’s the right amount of caffeine in each energy booster cube and it’s extracted from natural green coffee beans.

B Vitamins

Help convert food into energy. These vitamins keep you energetic and alert for anything that comes your way. It’s all about the B:

B3: Helps with organ function, heart health and DNA repair*

B5: Helps convert food into fuel which the body uses to make energy*

B6: Supports influencing your mood and regulating your body clock*

What’s Cool About PerkUp®?


Energy For Hours

Dissolves in minutes and keeps you alert and awake for hours*


Sugar Free

And zero calories too!



Awesome source of B vitamins (B3, B5, B6) that help energy conversion from foods*



Each cube equals a small cup of coffee


Great Tasting Flavors

Lemon-Lime Burst or Strawberry Shock…no bitterness or after taste, absolutely delish!



Carry PerkUp® cubes everywhere without any hassle

Is PerkUp® For You?

First the short answer: Yes!

Now the long answer…
You should absolutely take PerkUp® if you:

  • Feel easily fatigued (you need some energy…now!)
  • Work long hours or late nights (zzzzzzz)
  • Experience frequent stress (when is that report due?)
  • Travel or drive long-distances (road trip!)
  • Want more endurance for sports and recreation (or other rigorous activities?)
  • Don’t want to have too many bathroom breaks (who needs that?)
  • Engage in mental work that puts excessive strain on your brain (be good to your brain)
  • Forget things or find it hard to focus (what were we talking about?)
  • Are bored with horrible tasting energy from a can (more like energy in a canNOT – see what we did there?)
  • Don’t want to carry around a can (kick it instead)
is perkup for you
perkup great taste

The Secret To PerkUp’s® Great Taste

These things don’t happen by accident. Scientists worked long and hard to develop our great tasting flavors. And our exclusive, top secret, proprietary technologies are designed to hide the “not-so-great-tasting” ingredients. But don’t take our word for it, ask your taste buds! There are a variety of natural fruit flavors beyond Strawberry Shock and Lemon-Lime Burst coming soon!

Weird Science? Not Exactly.

The dedicated scientists who worked on the development of PerkUp® sought to create an alternative to energy drinks…something portable, with great taste, that stimulates alertness, relieves fatigue and is more convenient.

PerkUp® is a powerful energy booster cube that suits today’s lifestyle, without the health drawbacks or side effects of energy drinks:

  • It’s sugar free and zero calories. Too much sugar and too many calories can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes, gout and many other health issues.
  • It’s sublingual. Active ingredients dissolve in your mouth and absorb into your system without being destroyed by the digestive tract, maximizing effectiveness and prolonging energy.
  • Contains natural fruit taste. We like things to taste good and be flavored with natural fruit flavors instead of with chemicals.
  • Uses the synergistic effect of caffeine in combination with vitamins. Caffeine, with the help of a variety of B vitamins such as nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine give you an efficient energy boost by helping your body convert food to energy.*
  • Good caffeine from natural sources. Caffeine extracted from natural green coffee beans maximizes wakefulness and alertness over an extended period of time.

Quality Manufacturing

PerkUp® is manufactured at a facility that produces over-the-counter pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements. The facility is regulated and regularly inspected by the U.S. FDA. The top-notch scientists who formulated PerkUp® have perfected taste masking and flavoring technologies and have used these technologies to create a new, exciting product with a little more UMPF…PerkUp®!